Company Profile

  Shanghai European-Asian Synthetic Material Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as EASY), a Shanghai-Hong Kong joint venture established in 1992, is one of China's well-known manufacturers specializing in the research, development and production of thermosetting resins, plastics, composite materials and their products. EASY manufactures thermosetting resins, such as phenolic, amino, unsaturated polyester etc, plastics and mold plastic products, with an annual capacity of 15,000-ton resins and 32000-ton molding compound. More than 50% products are exported to the United States, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, winning a good reputation.

  EASY is headquartered in the west of Caohejing Hi-tech Development Zone, southwest of Shanghai, and has a parts plant nearby. Besides, it set up a joint venture in Fujian Xiamen in 1999.  

  Through efforts of all engineers and technicians, EASY has developed a series of new varieties of functional injection molding compounds with excellent performances (heat resistance, impact resistance, anti-bacterial, low-chlorine, etc.). At present, the R&D Department is bending itself to the research and development of breakthrough technology products to meet market demand. In recent years, we also have extensive cooperation with plenty of experts and professors of colleges, universities and research institutions to develop green molding compounds and composite materials for cutting-edge fields. The above technological achievements have been or are being industrialized.

  Since 1990s, we have purchased the most advanced testing equipments at home and abroad, while established computer-aided systems like MIS, CAD, CAT, etc. With 3 modern production lines running stably, EASY has been identified as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, while its main products have passed the certifications of UL and ISO9001:2000.

  Welcome to join us for a better future.

  EASY Chairman: Zhu Yongmao