Environmental protection amino moulding plastic EA-7709J and its application

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1. The main performance index of environment-friendly aminoplast EA-7709J

The main performance indexes of EA-7709J are shown in Table 2. From the table, the notched impact strength is nearly 1.90KJ/m2, the heat distortion temperature exceeds 150°C, and the ignition risk test (glow wire method) is 960°C. Arc resistance For more than 180 seconds, the tracking index of resistance to leakage reaches 600 volts. Visible, EA-7709J mechanical properties, heat resistance, electrical properties are good, fully able to meet the requirements of automotive interior parts and low voltage electrical appliances.

2. Injection process of environment-friendly aminoplast EA-7709J

Due to the adoption of the company's patented technology, the appearance of the EA-7709J is granulated, which solves the problems of continuity and stability of the feeding during injection molding, making the automation of injection molding a reality. The injection molding process is shown in Table 3. From this, it can be seen that it can be completely injection-molded instead of press molding or transfer molding, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator and improves the labor productivity.

3. Application of environment-friendly aminoplast EA-7709J

Due to its excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties, and coloring properties, the eco-friendly aminoplast EA-7709J can meet fairly stringent environmental requirements and can be injection molded. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses. It is mainly used in the following areas:

(1) Application to automotive interior parts

With the development of science and technology and improvement of people’s living standards, there are strict environmental requirements for the interior parts of the automobile cab, especially the interior parts of limousines, such as total carbon emissions, odor emission, and formaldehyde emission. Such as, make people in a comfortable car environment, so as not to cause harm to the body. EA-7709J can meet the requirements of German Volkswagen's standard "VW50180 vehicle interior component emission performance", so it can be used for automotive ashtrays and other heat-resistant interior parts with environmental requirements, such as Shanghai Volkswagen's PASSAT B5 sedan Ashtray.

(2) Application in low voltage electrical appliances

Due to its excellent heat resistance and electrical insulation, thermosetting plastics are used in large quantities in the insulating structural parts of low-voltage electrical appliances. Because EA-7709J is an organic fiber reinforced amino molding compound, it is suitable for low voltage electrical insulation structural parts that require high impact resistance, good wear resistance, good heat resistance and bright color, and must be made of thermosetting plastics; It also applies to low-voltage electrical insulation structural parts required for free ammonia and free formaldehyde content of insulating materials to prevent corrosion of silver contacts by insulating materials. Such as arc cover, AC contactor bracket, thermal relay bracket. Hair dryers, electric irons, rice cookers, electric frying pans, electric ovens, electric coffee makers and other small appliances insulation, insulation parts.

(3) Application to kitchen utensils Heat-resistant and heat-insulated accessories for kitchen utensils such as blowers, tableware, and drinking utensils are all made of thermosetting plastic. Phenolic plastics are the most used because of their low price and good performance. However, the fatal weakness of phenolic plastics is that they can only produce plastic products with dark colors such as black, red, brown, dark blue, dark green, dark gray, etc., while white, brilliant blue, brilliant yellow, brilliant green, rose red, light gray, etc. Light-colored, decorative plastic products cannot be made from phenolic plastics. To achieve this goal, many manufacturers spray paint on phenolic plastic parts. However, such plastic parts cannot withstand collisions. Because EA-7709J has excellent environmental performance and coloring properties, but also has excellent heat resistance, thermal insulation properties, so it can make up for the lack of phenolic plastic, can be used to create beautiful, light-colored, decorative plastic products. Such as rice cookers, electro-frying pans, pressure cookers, bread machines, sandwich furnaces, electric ovens and other blown handles, metal knives, forks, bowls, cups, dishes, plates and other food and beverage insulation tools.